Organic holi powder / Natural Holi Colors / Eco holi powder

We pay a lot of attention to product development. Our holi colors are made of 99% organic cornstarch. The left 1% is the color components as used in the food and cosmetic industry. This makes our holi colors eco friendly. We also offer organic holi powder. We do not have these always in stock. Please be aware the colors of organic holi colors are less bright then the regular holi paint. The organic holi powder is made of plant extracts. Feel free to contact us if your are interested in organic, natural and eco friendly holi paint.

Cleaning of the Event space and environment:

As many of our clients organize their events in parks, old city centers or mountain areas, the cleaning part and possible damage is always a topic. Our holi colors are easy to clean. Especially when the powder is still dry. The powder doesn´t cause any damage to the environment. With blowers the powder can be spread. With vacuum cleaners you can even clean the places with the most holi colors. If the powder is on pavements or on a roadside you can easily clean the space with some water.

If you need any advice on how to clean our organic holi colors or our natural eco holi powder, feel free to contact us. We have assisted hundreds of color events.

Basically you could always test with maizena. The product is very similar to or eco friendly holi colors. If you rather test with real organic or eco holi paint, just contact us for a sample.

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