Become a holi paint powder distributor

PARTNER with Kingdom of Colors BV

We are always looking for serious business Holi Colour partners and distributors. In many countries we already have representatives of our premium Holi Colors. Some are real B2B whole sale suppliers, others do sales through a webshop mainly B2C. One thing all of our distributors have in common; they are growing fast because of the high quality products and our support.

We assist with worldwide logistics. We think along with our business partners when it comes to product development. New Colors, New packaging and new products.

If you are interested to become a distributor in your country, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Start you own Holi Color business

Starting your own Holi Color business is great fun, good money and not very difficult. We will assist you in every way possible. Or Holi Colors for sale are of the highest possible quality. Our paint powder is used all over the world by the most respected color events. In a holi webshop you can beautifully display the products. For holi bulk orders, you just make sure you have enough stock or ask us to make a drop shipment to your client.

You don´t have to do the holi color business fulltime. But the more time you invest, the better and faster sales will go. Schools, sports clubs, events…all potential Holi Color clients.

If you want to become a holi color distributor in Europe, holi color distributor Africa, holi color distributor US, holi color distributor South America, holi color distributor Pacific, holi color distributor Asia, feel free to contact us for the possibilities.

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