Non Dust Explosive Holi Colors

Kingdom of Colors is one of the worlds largest wholesale suppliers of Holi Colors. Since day one we have only one goal; to provide the highest quality party powder to the world. For this reason we produce only safe holi colors and keep matching the required authority standards. We started with making the product completely non toxic, by using natural ingredients. The colors we use in our production are used and approved for the European and US food and cosmetic standards. Another thing we pay a lot of attention to in our production is Non Flame / Non Explosive. Our product has been tested as safe for use in the US. The product was tested non dust explosive. Test method OSHA / USA. Test method for European Union VDI 2263(1).

How to use Holi Powder in a safe way

Yes, our Holi Powder is completely safe for use. If the holi powder comes in your eyes, and irritates, simply rinse with lots of water. If the holi paint comes in your mouth, spit out as much as possible and rinse with water. Although, there is no real need to do so. Our product is 99,7% colored cornstarch. The colors used in our production process are fully permitted in the EU and US food industry. So, if some colored powder comes in your drink, there is no need to throw it away. But we definitely do not advice to eat the product on purpose. The same with eye protection from holi colors. There is no need to worry. But it can be comfortable to wear goggles. The same for allergic reactions. We never face problems. But if you are allergic to cornstarch or any of the other ingredients a reaction could occur. If in doubt, always seek medical attention or contact the organization of your Color Event / Color Party / or Color Run. Although our holi color is tested as non flammable / non dust explosive, we always advice to keep the holi colors in dust cloud away from open fire and heat sources.

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